Community Engagement

From community art projects to artist residencies at elementary schools, Joan loves working & collaborating with others to create beautiful works of art!

A Warlike People: Victims or Perpetrators? 2014 - 2015“The Pledge”


This earth and fired clay installation explores and re-examines the value and power of taking pledges. It asks fundamental questions about the American Pledge of Allegiance. Who are we pledging our allegiance to? Is the current pledge pertinent to the needs of our times – to our growth as a member of a global society?

We are interconnected. We have responsibilities to one another and the environment.

Over 150 ceramic hamsa or hands comprise the stripes of the flag, round tiles the stars.

When placed over our hearts, can these, our hands, represent a new commitment to social and cultural inclusiveness?

I (We) Pledge Allegiance to the World, and to all Sentient Beings within…and to the Planet, for which We Share, One Vision, Interconnected, with Dignity, Shelter, Food and a Sustainable World Community for All.