Each work of art has a voice,  it speaks to each of us in unique ways. Exhibitions and Public Art bring creative voices together to present a beautiful, visual symphony. 

The Mystical Adventures of Erma, Edgar, & Sliver

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Art Commission
Phoenix, Arizona – 2002

size: 90’ l x 4.5’ w
medium: recycled saltillo tile, mosaic tiles, hand-blown glass,
short story.


 “Gentle Wind and Brave Tree swirled a tender welcome song around Erma and Edgar upon their arrival at the pond. Sliver had been living there for a long time and was excited to be reunited with her friends once again. Together they sat in the stillness, for they knew they were in the holy zone of the luminous shining self. “Look how they balance upon the water,” remarked Sliver with a flourishing in her heart. Through her deep, pondering eyes, Erma shared, “Light is what we are made of, it is our essence.” As Edgar gazed into the bubbles, he caught a glimpse of the moon nestled in shards of memories… “Cosmic my dear friends, simply cosmic!”

Wellness: Sited in a narrow space, viewable through multiple windows in the pre-op area, children and their caregivers can view this mixed media art installation. A short story, composed by Baron, accompanies this piece. It shares the adventures of three dear friends.

This unique installation provided an opportunity for anxiety and stress to be minimized when gazing into the space.