Community Engagement

From community art projects to artist residencies at elementary schools, Joan and Ali love working & collaborating with others to create beautiful works of art!

More Clay Less Plastic Traveling Ceramic Exhibition

Change in your hand 2, Maniago, Italy 2017


The more I have learned about the damaging effects of plastic to our environment & ocean life, the more I find a deeper responsibility as an artist & urban horticulturist to create clay vessels for preparing & serving food. I build color & texture into my forms using multiple colored clays. Soda firing & wood firing deliver the rich surfaces to each piece. “Eating real food from real bowls” is my mantra. It addresses the importance of connecting to real people within a dynamic ecosystem… it’s about speaking to a reverence for this planet through the art making process.


“Quintetto per Sorseggiare (Quintet for Sipping)” speaks to the value in conversation, about thoughtful & contemplative wisdom as we sip slowly & intentionally together.


“Canyon Bowl” speaks to the beauty & timelessness of the Grand Canyon in particular. I have hiked there many times. To eat from a bowl carrying this energy is a reminder that we are stewards of this earth & polluting it is destructive.


“Abstract Bowl” speaks to the imperfect. There is no perfect, easy answer to our problems of plastic pollution. Clay bowls are purposeful because they offer a sustainable, user-friendly way for each individual to personally select their bowl. This very gesture empowers us. We instantly become part of the solution & we gain something beautiful & meaningful in the process.