Community Engagement

From community art projects to artist residencies at elementary schools, Joan and Ali love working & collaborating with others to create beautiful works of art!

Meyer Park Public Art Project

Tempe Public Art Selection
Maryanne Corder Neighborhood Grant

A Circle of Relationships reflects and honors the original ancestors of this land: The Huhugam. The O’odham people living in the region today refer to their ancestors as Huhugam. The O’odham are primarily an oral history society. The concept of this art installation was informed by the life ways of the O’odham – pottery making, water storage, and adobe building. It is also poignant and appropriate that this standpipe serves the function of delivering water and the Huhugam are known for their advanced irrigation agriculture and complex canal systems.

As part of the tile creation process, workshops were held at the park for community members to create tiles. The resulting pieces are full of personal stories, illustrations, and icons that refer to family and ancestry. Back in the studio, artist Joan Baron curated the mosaic to complete the history lesson.