Community Engagement

From community art projects to artist residencies at elementary schools, Joan and Ali love working & collaborating with others to create beautiful works of art!

Composition for Piano, Water, and Reeds

by Joan Baron & Jacob Baron (piano)

We bring you to the banks of the Lower Salt River where sounds of water and tall reeds welcome you. As you sit upon the timber bench, take a moment to reflect in the calm. Lindsey Rothrock created the large cyanotype on cotton, “confluence ii”.

Enjoy this meditative moment.

JOAN BARON @joanbaronstudio
in collaboration with

Fabric, Paper, Fired Clays, Organic Materials


In these works, cyanotype impressions of water, soil, plants, organic materials, and plastic are woven together to explore the intersection of the human and the more-than-human at the Salt River. Materials were sourced directly from the Salt Riverbanks and returned to the earth once the impressions were made. The plastic was brought in and taken out by the artists, examining the ecological marks that humans leave behind on the landscape. Fired clay elements further investigate these relationships. Much of the land through which the Salt River flows is home to the Huhugam. This points to the on-going, complex, and painful story of land and water stewardship throughout the region.