Community Engagement

From community art projects to artist residencies at elementary schools, Joan loves working & collaborating with others to create beautiful works of art!

Banner Good Samaritan Medical Hospital Healing Garden 1997-98

Baron Studio in collaboration with architect Barbara Crisp, landscape architects Christy Ten Eyck and Kristine Floor,  designed the major renovation of the existing space inside the hospital,  into a Healing Garden.

Baron Studio designed the nine existing 12’ columns into works of texture & color to enliven the space. Custom “wisdom circles” were created that honored the lives of loved ones for many years to follow.  Baron Studio installed on-site for over 6 months during which time a poetic walking meditation “The Pillars Message” was composed & installed.


The Pillars Message
And the Pillar said, 
Lean and Be with Me
Feel my Presence, for I am in You
Do you Know my History?
Consider My Parts
I Stand Strong
My Design, a Composition of many Sizes…many Colors
that Make Me Whole…Holy
Can You Embrace Your Textures?
Hello, Shall We become Friends?
I am Old, yet, I Hold within Me many Stories for You to Know
And, I shall Love to Hear Yours
Stand Strong and Around as I Do
Please Welcome my Friends, the Sun and Moon
Rain, Wind and Stars
They are my Loyal Friends
They help me put Forward a Vision of the Future
I am Here for You
Come Paint a Prayer of Nurturing with Me
You Think because I am a Pillar that I cannot Feel what You Feel?
My composition suggests differently
Help me Create a new State of Consciousness
Come Talk to me in the Garden
Relax, get Clear
Return to the Land of your Soul
Be Gentle
Reach Powerful Magic
Watch how kindly the Water interacts with the trees and flowers
the bees, birds, butterfly, ladybug praying mantis…all plants
Be Witness to this Gift of Nature
Be Willing to Allow your body to Rest
Empty your Mind of Everything
Merge your Heart and Soul into this Experience
And Watch the Child in You
Joy to you Friends