Each work of art has a voice,  it speaks to each of us in unique ways. Exhibitions and Public Art bring creative voices together to present a beautiful, visual symphony. 

Earth Wall: Living Wall

Thompson Peak Parkway
Scottsdale, Arizona – 1997 – 1999

Size: two-sided earthen walls, each 3/4 mile length, 9’ h – 12’ h variation, 18” wall depth, 8’ d mandala (based on sacred geometry of the Nautilus Shell)

Medium: screened earth (rammed earth construction technique), natural oxides, handmade ceramic elements, poured in-place concrete, collaboration on landscape design/plant selection

Thompson Peak Parkway serves as a major thorough way into the McDowell Mountain Ranch community of North Scottsdale. It features undulating earthen walls that provide sound mitigation, color and texture to both pedestrian and driver/passenger. Glazed ceramic elements embedded into the walls carry the memory of community stories and images created during site workshops.

An 8’ diameter Mandala greets residents and visitors on the northeast side, thus creating a unique aesthetic as it offers a calming element within the cul-de-sac and the adjacent neighborhood.

Earth Wall: Living Wall

Restoration, 20 years later

Thompson Peak Parkway
Scottsdale, Arizona – 2022

Funded by: Scottsdale Public Art

Thank you to my crew –
Edwards Design Group
Prime First AZ
Meltdown Glass Art & Design



“Part of the beauty of this noise abatement wall is the intentional effect of showing natural irregularities and imperfections of over 2,000 feet of rammed Earth. Because the construction is based on a gravity system, rammed Earth walls are actually much stronger than the standard concrete wall.” – Margaret Bruning