Baron Studio takes basic environmental principles and integrates them with art and design. This approach treats all projects with the ecology and culture of place and space that respects the end user and all sustainable practices to ensure long term success.

About Our Studio

Our studio is well known for innovative design and fabrication solutions to tile and mosaic works, site specific installations, art in public and private development, edible landscape design/consultation, hospital healing spaces, school campus aesthetics, community center design challenges & neighborhood enhancement projects.

Pop-up art and landscape installations provide inspiration and excitement that bring cultural experiences to all. Baron Studio seeks to spark awareness about urban sustainability through the arts.

A water harvesting cistern is introduced as a sculptural element in the landscape. Reclaimed onyx tile becomes a light transmitter in a steel gate.

Mosaic tile brings new language to a neighborhood culvert. Vegetables are invited to grow along an earth plaster wall and herbs from the garden are served from handmade ceramic bowls and platters.

Baron Studio actively works with architects, landscape architects, designers, developers, builders, homeowners and community leaders to bring a rich vocabulary of aesthetics to their projects.

Visit the Studio

Joan has transformed this ordinary track home into a truly incredible creative experience.

Tile work has been incorporated throughout the house. The studio addition provides a large space to create artwork and host small workshops and tours. Outside, garden beds flourish with edible fruits and vegetables.  Chickens are busy laying eggs. “Food in the Alley” is one studio landscape project. It invites others to partake in the abundance and variety of foods that can grow in our urban desert environment.

If you would like to experience this one-of-a-kind home and studio, please contact Joan or Ali for an appointment