Each work of art has a voice,  it speaks to each of us in unique ways. Exhibitions and Public Art bring creative voices together to present a beautiful, visual symphony. 

Stories of Nesting

Mitchell Park East & West Neighborhoods
Tempe, Arizona – 2008

Two (2) water dispersing culverts, 5’ d x 5.5’ h
medium: handmade sculptural tile, smalti glass tile, stone

The theme selection for the design of these two standpipes was the unique diversity of birds that have been seen in this area of Tempe, AZ due in part because of the large trees and dense plant materials in the landscape which may have influenced the flight path of birds migrating from South America to North America. Bird image selection includes the Great Horned Owl, Male Cardinal protecting the nest, Red-Winged Blackbird, Yellow Finch, Gila Woodpecker along with various tree and plant imagery, and references to water & rain, the sun & moon, wind, our vast cosmos, and mountain & land ranges.

The message that Joan brought to the table was the importance of exploring and taking responsibility for our dramatic interconnectedness to the environment and all beings. All are precious and all require our personal involvement for safe keeping and well being. Public Art has this ability, partly due to its scale, to deliver and draw attention to these significant and timely issues of the day. Joan blended realism and abstract expressionism techniques to deliver a vivid and emotional expression of the environment we share. Her use of reclaimed and up-cycled tile materials enhanced the project during a series of workshops where residents came to her studio to assist in the glazing and hand-building of many elements used in the final installation. Small handmade clay nests, raindrops and glazed tile shards used to form the sky were among the various accomplishments of the workshop participants.